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STEMIN. The Netherlands-based, Italian-raised, multi-lingual musician trying out RnB for size…and refusing to fit in a box’ – Mike Burgess (Acclaimed Music Industry Advisor, UK) ‘Strong, peculiar and authentic stage presence’ – Gabriele Bertossi (bass player, musician and composer from Italy).

STEMIN is set to further his musical reach and captivate the world once more, bringing to light a truly unique sophomore album. Titled ‘#TellYourHeart’, the new album is set for release later this year on August 28th, and shines with a contemporary RnB feel. The first single from the release came in the form of ‘Closer’, a lavish and wonderfully soulful recording that captures the hearts and minds of anyone who hears it now. A perfect introduction to his sound,

‘Closer’ has made an indelible mark on both Soundcloud and Spotify, and its laid the path for second single
‘Better Than Wine’.


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